We can get you cash in the bank sooner




Outsourced credit control for SMEs

We provide outsourced credit control services to SME businesses across the UK. If you're fed up with late payments or worried about the risk of bad debt, we can help.
Our proven results come through the three Ps:
People: Our friendly phone conversations with customers beat easy-to-ignore emails hands-down. Customer relationships are strengthened - and invoices go to the top of the pile for payment.
Process: We follow a series of steps that make prompt payment the norm.
Persistence: Where we meet resistance, we're polite but firm. We don't give up, and we don't accept excuses (we've heard them all before).
We're so confident we can help that we offer a simple guarantee: If we don't reduce your debtor days within 3 months, you pay nothing. 

What could you do with better cash flow?

Life’s very different when payment comes in regularly and on time.
At best, late payment can be a real obstacle to business development. At worst, it makes business as usual impossible and puts company survival at risk. It’s a frightening fact that late payment is one of the main causes of business insolvencies.
But when payments come in promptly, you have choices. Rather than being on the back foot all the time, you can take control. 
You might want to:
  • Invest in expansion plans…
  • Take on new customers or projects…
  • Reduce (or avoid) reliance on credit…
…or simply be able to go to bed at night happy you can pay the rent, cover payroll, and settle the next quarter's VAT bill.

How we can help

Our professional team act as your credit control department, talking to customers in your name. By engaging with customers from the start, we get most invoices paid on time so your cash flow improves and your risk of bad debt reduces.  
You can ask us to take on either your entire sales ledger, or choose those accounts most in need of a little TLC.
Once we’re on board, you can:

Say goodbye to the headaches of chasing payment

Stop worrying about chasing customers for payment or dealing with disputes. We get most payments in on time, pre-empt problems where possible, and, where disputes do arise, we’re on the front line for you.  

Plan ahead with confidence

Our regular weekly reporting means you know exactly what to expect and can make sound spending decisions. No more forecasts based on wishful thinking and plans that fall apart because the cash doesn’t come in.

Be more competitive

With a healthy cash flow, you can fund investment and growth that competitors without cash in the bank can't - no matter how their profit figures compare.

Save money

With our services, you've got access to more of your own money and can cut down on borrowing costs. If you currently factor your invoices, you'll find us a competitive alternative.